Melissa Niska
"What a GREAT BOOK [Rain]! I really enjoyed the story line and I always love a book that has a surprising ending. I can't wait for the next one to come out! Drahomir!"

"If you like the Anita Blake series, Graywalker series, Twilight, or other urban fantasy (mixing vamps and weres and mystical stuff in with modern life) of that type, this book [Rain] is for you. The author has done tons of real-world research and she has a unique, quirky sense of humor."

"When I got this book [Rain] in the mail I was very excited because the authors that inspire Melissa are among my favorites. I took a short break to start reading...Being a full time student and self-employed individual I rarely have a chance to read anything other than textbooks or things related to my business but after the first chapter I put everything on hold and read this in one sitting! I loved the characters and the pacing is right on the money :) Thank you, Melissa, for creating a world I want to visit again :)"

"I really enjoyed this book [Rain]. Great characters, and I really like how Rain's initiation into the other world is developed. I look forward to reading more."

"I have been looking forward to this book for a long time [Rain]. I have known the author by other works from her and can tell you I was gripping the pages. I was taken into the story line and filled with passion as I read each line. Desire and drama is what I read her books for. Thank you for such a marvelous writer."

"Another great love story, with all the trimmings [Drahomir] - shapeshifters, fairies and vampires. Oh yeah, and the heroine is not all human herself... gotta read it to find out what's gotten Rain into the latest series of adventures."

"Another fabulous read by this incredible writer [Drahomir]. This book had all the senses heightened as she weaved a story line that was totally in an unreal setting, we hope, yet had you sensually encapsulated by the written word and the images in your mind! Can't wait for the third release in this trilogy. Great author! Bravo!"

"Great story, I really enjoyed reading these books. Its been a several weeks since I read the first two books but I find myself thinking about the characters and what will happen next. Can't wait for the next book!"

"This was a great addition to the series [Cyprian].  I couldn't put it down.  I think was my favorite of the series so far."
"Ms. Niska just keeps getting better and better at peopling the world of Liliphim. Her characters are eccentric and sometimes freaky scary but also tug-at-your-heartstrings vulnerable and did I mention scorchingly hot and sexy? The stories are clever, well-written and take you to some exotic locales (in this world as well as her titled world). If you are looking for a change from the slick (and predictable) stories and paper doll heroines of other vampire/shapeshifter novels, you've got the cure for what ails you here. Good stuff!"

"A wonderful book to get lost in and a must read once you've read "RAIN" and "DRAHOMIR". The descriptive writing couldn't have been better. The amazing visuals made me want to visit the Land of Faerie. I finished "DRAHOMIR" late one night. I then purchased "CYPRIAN" and started reading it the very same night. I finished it the following morning. I can't wait to read the next book in this ongoing love story."

"I loved it [Septimia]. I imagined myself as "Rain" I imagine myself battling in the survival wold that Septima had been trapped in from her subconscious mind. The end love story was hot!"