Melissa Niska
Things that make me go "Oooooo."
The Enchanted Tree - 1909 Capitol Ave Ste 100 Sacramento, CA 95811

A spiritual store that offers classes, readings, and guidance.  The store owner, Joy Curlette, has also written a book that is available in the store as well as on-line.  You can find Path of The Witch here.  You can also find The Enchanted Tree on Facebook!

Hot Pot Studios - 1614 K Street #1 Sacramento, CA 95814

Hot Pot is a dance studio that offers alternative belly dance classes suitable for all levels of fitness and dance background.  World renowned troupe Unmata calls this studio home under the direction of Amy Sigil, and their brand of belly dance is like nothing you've ever experienced before.  Hard work was never so fun!  Check it out on Facebook, too!

The Cruxshadows - When I write I listen to music, and 90% of the time that music is The Cruxshadows.  Singer Rogue is a brilliant lyricist and their music inspires me no matter how many times I hear it.  I highly recommend you give them a listen!  You can find them on Facebook and on YouTube.

Nina Storey - Nina is another one of my musical inspirations!  How such a big voice lives inside such a petite woman I just don't know, but she's amazing!  Her song Cowboy helped to inspire the character of Drahomir in my Liliphim series.  If you can catch one of her live shows, I highly recommend you do, she's so much fun!  She is, of course, also on Facebook and YouTube so give her a listen and fall in love like I did so many years ago!